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So last week, there was a hardware problem on the Amazon EC2 server that my websites were hosted on, and because I was using ephemeral storage for my home directories as opposed to EBS which I'm using for the root partition, I lost the images and style sheets for my sites as well as my friend's site I was able to pull their style sheets out of my browser cache, but since I've not been visiting my own site for a while I did not have this information available for this site.

I used this as an excuse to upgrate or migrate my site from 6.x to 7.x and I have built a new theme which looks pretty similar to the last one. Because of this failure, I have setup some extra rsync backup, which I thought I already had established but apparently not. I have all of the images the site was using on my system at home, but not in the formats/locations they were in on the existing site. The database was being backed up nightly to the same ephemeral disk location, luckilly I didn't need these database backups because the databases were on EBS or in a separate RDS instance.

There are some painful lessons here, lessons I've already learned in the past but had to learn again. The site is back up, the articles/stories are all back, there are still some items I need to bring over from the old site and I need to re-upload most of the pictures. I have lost the theme/template work I was doing to create a new Sillicon Valley ISSA chapter website completely. Good thing I wasn't too far along.

I like the new interface to managing the site a lot more than the old 6 interface, some of the modules are VERY different, expect to see some more changes on my site as time goes on.


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