Long time Update

Wow, my last update was in April. Well a lot has happened since then, things have just been too busy to write or draw anything.

Cornerstones of Trust conference on June 29th was a big success, the keynote speeches were great. I am still waiting for the materials to put on the website.

The SV-ISSA website, I effectively shutdown the "poweredbyissa.com" portion and am redirecting that to the sv-issa.org website, which is now a fresh install and fully functional.

I am working on migrating all of the email functionality from GoDaddy to Google apps for your domains.

I have resigned from Proofpoint and my last day will be 8/20 and am getting excited to start my next endeavor on the following Monday much closer to my house as Lead Information Security Engineer for their new Security Operations Center.

The boys had their birthdays in July and everyone got new Android based smart phones, they are all digging those.

Now that I will be closer to home, I'm hoping to have more time to post. We shall see.