New Website for James' water polo team

So, I took my camera to my son James' water polo practice on the 19th, and while there snapping away and getting some great photos of all the kids, I decided I needed a new place to store these photos.

Oh, and how about a place for team announcements? And other items related to the team.

I took it upon myself to create a new domain name and website for the Kimball High School Water Polo team (

New Dell Mini (netbook)

Just received my new Dell mini 10v (netbook).

This device is pretty cool. Very light, small, yet big enough that I can do work and post to the website.

I am in the process of customizing the device. I will probably install Windows 7 when it becomes available.

Dell shipped the mouse a week before shipping the main computer, then waited 2 days to ship the DVD player. (grrr)


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