Long time Update

Wow, my last update was in April. Well a lot has happened since then, things have just been too busy to write or draw anything.

Cornerstones of Trust conference on June 29th was a big success, the keynote speeches were great. I am still waiting for the materials to put on the website.

The SV-ISSA website, I effectively shutdown the "poweredbyissa.com" portion and am redirecting that to the sv-issa.org website, which is now a fresh install and fully functional.

I am working on migrating all of the email functionality from GoDaddy to Google apps for your domains.

New Joomla Theme from scratch

I recently received some light critisism with regards to my website. Basically they found that the information was good, but the colors made it hard to read. So I decided to write a new CSS based template from scratch.

I am not completely done yet, but I liked the direction it was looking so much,

I decided now is the time to cut it over. This new theme incorporates what is called a "fluid" design where the information floats in the middle of the page and resizes based on the size of the brower, while maintain certain aspects.

I am still playing with this.


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